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• Black and white version for the Kickstarter

• Added new artwork to every card, with a new text layout
• Changed Heroes to Deus Ex Machina

• Mexican Standoff renamed to Lost in the Shuffle and changed to start dealing the cards to yourself.
• City in Ruins changed to Hijacked

• Reunited now destroys itself due to being overpowered when the player has no deck
• Clarification added to Inspirational Speech
• New artwork and layout for Sinkhole
• Minor Rulebook changes

• Rulebook updated for clarity
• The term “Counter” has been changed to “Cancel”

• The FINAL COUNTDOWN was changed to an optional alternative rule

• “Disaster Pile” renamed to “Destroyed Pile”
• “Resting Pile” renamed to “Discard Pile”
• Cards that destroy themselves now have red text as a reminder
• Heroic Sacrifice and Rescue Mission now destroy themselves
• Rescue Mission now has a cap of 10 cards that can be taken from the destroyed pile
• Super Scientist was removed and replaced with two additional Heroes cards

The following was added to the rules:

THE FINAL COUNTDOWN: If there are 3 or fewer players left in the game, every time a player needs to reshuffle their discard pile due to running out of their deck, they choose and DESTROY one card from their DISCARD pile before reshuffling.
Target – The player of the card chooses a specific player and a specific card. When choosing a Target card from another player’s hand, the Targeter gets to view the Target player’s hand and choose any card. A player may play a card and not choose a target (by choice or circumstance, such as all opponents having Emergency Shelter), discarding the card to no effect. Cards that effect all players do NOT count as “targeting”.

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